Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Oil Painting Virgin of the Rocks - Paris from Leonardo da Vinci - Buy Hand Painted Oil Reproduction

The Virgin of the Rocks (the Madonna of the Rocks) is one of the two different paintings with almost identical compositions which are at least largely by Leonardo da Vinci. This version is in the Louvre painted around 1483-1486 or earlier. Most authorities agree that the work is very largely by Leonardo and is the earlier of the two works. It is about 8 cm (3 in) taller than the London version. The first certain record of this picture is in 1625 when it was in the French royal collection but it may well have been initially produced to fulfill the 1483 commission in Milan which the London version eventually fulfilled. This painting is a perfect example of Leonardo s sfumato technique. The word Sfumato comes from the Italian sfumare which means to tone down or to evaporate like smoke. It refers to da Vinci s fine shading and subtle transitions from light to dark giving his paintings an illusionistic atmosphere.

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